Your Private Retreat

Designed with current Pandemic guidelines in mind, a private retreat offers you the opportunity to explore your relationship to you eroticism and sexuality consciously in our private setting on Southern Vancouver Island.

Are you looking to expand your erotic knowledge?

Do you just want to get away from it all and be pampered with personalized yoga and massage sessions?

Perhaps you and a partner/BF/husband would like to explore touch and intimacy with a somatic sex coach.

We can build you a private retreat that will meet your desires!

Engage yourself with daily embodiment practices including yoga, dance, and massage sessions for pleasure, learning and relaxation.

Explore local parks and beaches of Vancouver Island’s wine country.

Customized Retreats offer you the option to design an experience that suites the number of days and nights that fit your schedule and budget.

We are located on Southern Vancouver Island, one hour north of Victoria, 15 minutes south of Duncan, two minutes off the Island Highway. Surrounded by Douglas Fir and Maple, it is an easy environment to forget the outside world and focus on what is really important, You!

Consult with Ron to design your retreat.

“My sex life is good in body and in spirit and what I came to know and appreciate from you is my sexual energy is mature for sure and that to ignite it now, doesn’t require pills or enhancements to have the boner of an 18 year old but rather touch of all types in all sorts of ways and places to get me charged beyond my imagination.

In November last year I was involved in a tragic car accident. With much help Humpty Dumpty is all but back together again. Part of the painful and exhilarating rehab process involved my old friend Ron and his partner Paul (Pono).

My libido began to show signs of activity and reawakening after newly 2 months of sedentary healing. I’d been following Ron’s career thru his website and felt he would know what I needed.
I’ve know Ron since he introduced naked yoga to Vancouver maybe 15 years ago. I’ve always thought of him as a healer and a positive force and the next thing I knew, I was in Metchosin staying in a comfortable situation being cared for by Ron and his partner/ husband Pono who together looked after all my needs for 3 full days of getting my sexual energy and my sense of well being back on tract and in many ways to a place beyond what was normal for a guy who’s 69.

You might say I limped in and roared out.
The transition began immediately. There was little need for that time to get established. I’d never met Paul and hadn’t seen Ron for maybe 6 years. They are comfortable, confident and take charge and all I needed to do was focus on my body and mind. There was work, if I can call it that, to reawaken my body and both Paul and Ron were so good at reading me and what I wanted and needed. This was in part because of a good intake process which allowed them to figure things out before my arrival. That said, we changed things up along the way.

The yoga was sooo good and made me realize it was time and I was ready to do more. I’m hoping to join Ron’s zoom classes later this week. The massages by each and both were out of body and mind if you know what I mean. These guys know what’s up and I knew from the beginning there was no formula but rather instinctual skills at play as they brought me back to or in many cases enhanced my sexual feelings and energy. We always spoke before and after each massage and activity about my needs and what was available. Talking about my dick was as comfortable as describing my wounded knee.

To anyone contemplating some self care and self love, reach out to these guys. They have so much experience and while we are all special, I’m pretty certain they have seen and heard it all before and know how to support us individually.

Being there solo met the focus was entirely on me. How good is that. And I had lots of down time to chill in their home and studio. The place is stunning in its peacefulness and beauty. The food was lovingly made by both and in many instances from garden to table.

I will also give you heads up that Ron is a task master with a well timed schedule and a strong sense of wanting you to get your money’s worth of their talent and time. You will get good value but you also have to be in constant dialogue with them to ensure your need for balance is reflected!
You get what you paid for and then some and I left feeling I had made a good decision about my self care and my self love.

I’m a few months out from “graduation” and I still hear from them about how I’m doing and about How they are making their way.
Paul and Ron have chosen their careers after many years of doing other things. They bring to sexual healing a great deal of wisdom and expertise and they are good company and even let me have a glass of wine along the way.” Jim

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