Retreats for Couples

Looking for a unique personalized retreat that supports a fuller embodied (sex)life experience?

Hungry to rekindle the passion in your relationship or dream of making your hot…hotter?

What could be more exquisite than a gift to recommit to the sacredness and playfulness of your relationship and sexuality?

The demands of our daily lives can eclipse our primary relationships, causing us to loose intimacy, the key foundation to playful, sensual and erotically alive partnerships.

Customized Skyclad retreats encourage dynamic explorations where connecting and nurturing ourselves and our loved ones becomes the primary focus.

Conscious movement practices re-awaken sensations to your own body.
Bodywork and massage further relax and invite curiosity into the playful, sensual aspects of ourselves.
Couples can learn sensual massage techniques, build intimacy skills, that help take focus away from goal oriented sex.
Conversations and dialogue deepen acceptance and understandings of sexuality.

Skyclad couples retreats are an opportunity to get out of day to day patterns and explore new ways of being through stillness, embodiment practices, meditation and touch.

Develop, rekindle and grow the sexual connection with your partner that will expand your heart, nourish your desires, and fill you with a sense of aliveness

Develop new communication that will shift your relationship and deepen your intimacy.

Learn ways to continue to play sexually with each other with changing bodies and health concerns.

With an emphasis on self awareness, physicality, touch, learning how to communicate desires & letting go of sexual taboos, understanding the differences between sexual boundaries and edges, we deepen our ability to have sexual and erotic freedom and shared empowerment.

Contact Ron to discuss your personalized retreat.