Private Massage Sessions, Full Body Touch, Eros & Sensuality

During this time of COVID 19, I am monitoring the spread of the virus here in Victoria, Vancouver Island and BC, taking appropriate precautions, and am booking a limited number of clients weekly. I ask that clients shower before arrival. If that is not possible, I have a shower here for pre & post massage. I have also adopted a thorough cleaning/ disinfectant regime between clients

We all need touch. It calms our nervous system, reduces stress, and it helps us to understand our bodies. Touch brings pleasure, can heighten energy, and stimulate arousal.

Skyclad’s Massage and Bodywork may offer a wider container of skills than the highly – regulated abilities of a Registered Massage Therapist

My offering of massage and touch can include, at your request, all of your body parts, including cock & ball massage and anal massage. By creating this massage offering, we are honoring ALL of your body, recognizing and connecting, making it complete.

This offering is an opportunity to RECEIVE and experience the gift of touch without the need to “give back” or reciprocate. For many of us, learning to receive is a profound learning.

When we work openly with erotic energy we can experience the incredible sensations which our bodies are capable of, but also, there is potential for great life learning.
– addressing any shame or guilt related to sex, our desires and eroticism.
– understand and overcome erotic habits
– find deeper relaxation and pleasure in our bodies
– discover higher levels of pleasure
– develop deeper compassion for self and others
– receive the nurturing gift of man to man touch

Skyclad honors your desires through mindful client-guided massage to explore heightened energy.

Sensual/Erotic/Tantric massage Victoria BC
Sensual/Erotic/Tantric massage Victoria BC

Skyclad massage and bodywork is built around a philosophy of consent, permission, acceptance, respect and honoring. A sacred experience and an opportunity for deep pleasure and healing. By creating a practice that supports full body nurturing and touch, we are honoring our entirety, spirit and soul.

“Great massage within a relaxing environment outside and inside. I had a lower back pain before my appointment. I participated in a hour of yoga which loosen my muscle in my back followed up with a massage. The perfect combination.”