Massage Exchange

All good things evolve!
Massage Exchange builds from our previous “Massage Nights” and brings more intention into our communal massage sessions and time together.

ME “on the table” is an opportunity to receive fully, unapologetically, explore your desire, ask for what you want. Revel in the touch that will nurture your soul.
ME “next to the table” is an opportunity to build on your massage skills and give your best quality touch.

Massage Exchange will welcome curiosity and exploration into our intentional touch sessions creating learning opportunities and connection whether you are giving or receiving. Giving or receiving massage can be a vehicle for deepening our personal understanding of ourselves, our erotic potential and our capacity for building connection, trust and managing our own wellness. Each ME gathering will include group warm up, bringing the components of breath, movement, and sound into our bodies, facilitating access to these elements when receiving massage. ME evenings will have a chosen focus. Learning basic anatomy and ideas of how to bring our best massage skills to the given areas of focus and to the massage table.

Come into a safe space of like minded people who are interested in growth and healing through conscious eroticism, strengthening, breathing, touching.

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Please check Calendar for scheduled Massage Exchange

Cost: $40

Sensual/Erotic/Tantric massage Victoria BC