Body Temple

10:30am Pacific Time Zone

Each Sunday in May 2022

We know that extended arousal increases oxytocin, dopamine, endorphin and serotonin, the happiness hormones.

Through communal erotic practices we are reclaiming our right to be erotic, and sexual, as male identified people. Permissioning pleasure - a radical gesture.

We were raised to find God in church when really our access to spirit is through our body.

Come Home with Body Temple

Our Guidelines:

  • Confidentiality among participants.
  • No screen shots or video recording.
  • All cameras ON - You choose what is on screen.
  • Don't Yuck other people's Yum.
  • Arrive on time, doors locked when we start.
  • Diversity and inclusion, supporting male identified people in exploration and personal growth.

Body Temple will be structured with a short welcome at the beginning followed by 40 minutes of yoga postures, where I introduce embodiment concepts, the second half of the class will be self loving, with sound track, we each have our individual experience within the context of the group.

Using yoga and embodied mindfulness to create a group session which includes playfulness, vulnerability, heightened energy and fun, we can gather together in community while supporting each other to have our own personal experience, leading to personal awareness and expansion.

I understand we all have our own histories and experiences erotically, and I honour all of our collective experiences. As a Somatic Sex Educator, I want to share some ideas which I hope you will consider when we gather together over these next few Sundays.

Our sex and how we masturbate can be some of our most habituated activities. Some habits were formed from negative input and others from affirmation and acceptance. By observing these habits we have opportunities to choose, does this serve me or do I want a more expanded erotic repertoire? When we practice yoga mindfully, we increase our flexibility and strength. Similarly when we Self Love mindfully and practice regularly, we expand our awareness of, and increase our capacity for pleasure, as well as building erotic confidence.

Although I don’t intend for these sessions to be “taught” or “led”, I do want to offer some ideas around how to maximize our time together, so that you can observe and permission new ways of being erotic with yourself, and therefore with others.

Breath, Touch, Sound and Movement are cornerstones of many erotic arts practices. For many of us, our erotic/sexual explorations were hindered by cultures, religions, or families which didn’t promote open hearted erotic health or freedom. For many, our sex education was fear based: unwanted pregnancy, STI’s, heteronormative, hairy palms and blindness. As a result many of us learned about, or explored our sexuality within these limited parameters. These limitations show up in our adult erotic experiences in many ways: numbness or inability to feel, lack of confidence, feelings of guilt or shame relating to sex, an inability to talk openly about sex or body parts. Sometimes the limitations are more subtle or subconscious: tightness of breath, limited and unvaried touch, silent during sex, with limited movement.

During the yoga portion of our class I will introduce breath, touch, sound and movement ideas which you can use to heighten erotic pleasure and move “energy” in your body while you are Self Loving. I encourage you to follow impulses which are new and perhaps unexpected. Perhaps in community you will see someone doing something you want to try. Give yourself the freedom to incorporate the playfulness of others. WE can learn from each other!

I want to emphasize freedom to have a soft or hard cock, allow your cock to have its natural experience. We can still Self Love and generate healing energy in our bodies in many states.

Many erotic practices encourage abstaining or refraining from ejaculating, thereby building erotic energy in the body. Many believe that as we get older, ejaculating is robbing us of vital life force energy. Abstaining from ejaculating for a period of time, and increasing our time in arousal, increases the body’s release of happy hormones.

There is no requirement that you ejaculate or refrain from ejaculating on Sunday. However, I encourage you to delay ejaculating as much as possible. The longer you delay, the more powerful your orgasm will be and you will have given yourself a healthy injection of your body’s natural pharmacy!

If you are concerned about “blue balls” take time at the end of your session to continue massaging your testicles, drawing them away from your body, touching other body parts to spread your erotic energy.

Other things to consider prior to our class together:
- take the time to reflect on an intention for participating
- do something to make your space, or your body, a Temple.
- observe your habits, if you often do “xyz” then try “abc” or “lmn” (breath, touch, movement, sound could offer clues)
- have a journal or note pad and write thoughts, resistances, things that were great, not so great
- water for drinking
- bring toys, cock rings, butt plugs or clothes that make you feel sexy and playful.
- what else could you have available to make this the best experience for you today?


I welcome feedback from your experience, either privately or at the end of any session.

During Pandemic my online offerings have been by donation, which has been working well. If you are not able to pay, I welcome you. If you are able to pay, I welcome you and, Thank You!

Payment can be made by E-Transfer (within Canada), PayPal or Zelle (for our Friends who live elsewhere) to:

I offer private coaching through in person sessions, private retreats, and online formats.

Private coaching looks different from Body Temple.

We will discuss how best to work, for your greatest outcome.