“I’m still basking in the afterglow of our time together this afternoon.

My body and spirit are still in “wow” mode.

Thanks for your healing/transformative/erotic/opening/fucking-mind-blowing energy and body work.

I think I’ll be processing over the next while how wonderfully, like an instrument, you were able to make my body sing.

And, for that, I am feeling very grateful tonight.”

TJF – Victoria

“Great massage within a relaxing environment outside and inside.

I had a lower back pain before my appointment.

I participated in a hour of yoga which loosen my muscle in my back followed up with a massage.

The perfect combination.”


“I always want to support you Ron as you have been so important in my life and I know the lives of many other men.

I am 10 year younger because of you and all that this means.”


“I just want you to know that I had such a good time at the class.

The next day I could certainly feel that my muscles were challenged.

It felt good though and not sore.

More importantly I thought the class was an excellent way to focus on building self from the inside out. Thank you for being patient with me.

What a great group of people too in the class.”


“Your retreat had considerable transformative power for me and I’m very grateful for your insights.

I felt so relaxed and powerful that I tackled the Malahat on Sunday without any physical complaint.

My sister, a fellow cyclist, was pretty impressed.

It is a rare teacher who has a gift with apt phrases, similes etc.

You treat language carefully and with respect for its power and limitations.

I’m a little in awe. The food was perfect too!”


“A word of appreciation for your excellent classes.

Clearly your dedication, commitment, the flow and quality of your teaching makes for a most enjoyable, deep and spiritual class.”


“Hi, I did a drop in today and just want to express my gratitude and appreciation for an incredible experience and a very inspired class.

What simple and concise teachings, very precise and understandable directions.

I left filled with radiance and silence.

Thank you.”


“It was such a joy to meet you yesterday and to benefit from your quality skills. From the ambiance to the personal touches of heated towels and tea, it was a very memorable, sensuous, tactile, whole-body experience. For several weeks I have been unable to sleep throughout the night and have been resorting to earplugs (for adjacent highway noise) and sleeping pills. Last night, however, I was so totally at one with my body, I simply got into bed and slept soundly for about 5 hours. This is huge for me!! I’m hopeful there will be some residual carryover for the next several nights too.”

Massage Client

“You were so focused on my well being that it was a very unique experience to me; one I have not previously experienced.

I will not soon forget the exhilaration and delight from our time together.

Immediately following our session, I was overjoyed to the point of tears and was unable to speak – that’s how profound it was to me.”


“Thank you for sharing your gift of touch; you are a remarkable man.”

Richard L

“Ron, still trying to take it all in and relive some of the experiences,

I hope to be able to draw upon our time together to strengthen my constitution and physical body.

I am sure you have heard it before that you are a truly amazing man. Your innate ability to make me feel at ease and accepted is remarkable.”


“Namaste Ron: Swimming in the ocean in a pretty bikini feels really good…..swimming naked is even better.

That is how I best express the beautifully, led class with you.

Clothes on and practicing yoga is delicious, without ….a whole other level.


A Yoga Master in Victoria

“I have to say that I am still coming down from the session on Monday.

I really had a very enjoyable time and you managed to take me to a “place” where I have never experienced.

You are a very talented man.”


“Thank you so very much.

Got home, felt lighter and elevated unlike I’ve felt in a long time.

Slept all through the night till 7!

That’s a lie in for me.

Thank you…the BEST. I’ll be back.”


Thank you Ron Stewart for the AMAZING 4 hour couples spa and Yoga retreat last week …….!!

It was exceptional in every way.

Wanna deepen your relationship, be renewed and recharged, totally pampered and spoiled??

Book yours today!”

Alice Bracegirdle

“Great to see you on Saturday.

I was thinking about how influential you’ve been to me, even though we haven’t seen each other that often. …

The couple of workshops I’ve taken with you have also been meaningful to me, so it was really nice to finally have a private session with you.

Many thanks for all of the above.”

Richard - Vancouver

“I am a repeat customer of Skyclad Yoga and my wife now plans to be one as well! Entering Ron’s warm functional studio space we immediately felt safe and welcomed.

Ron’s sensitivity and attunement to each of our needs and vulnerabilities allowed the two of us to drop inhibitions that might interfere with receiving the full benefit of his expertly delivered yoga and massage treatments.

The sacred nature and depth of this work that he shares moved the two of us to a new place within ourselves and in our relationship.

With Ron’s help we are both just a little bit more able to embody life and love.

Until next time!”

Richard & Cindy

“Thanks for your message and for the session last weekend. I wasn’t expecting that kind of experience but, as you could tell, I certainly welcomed it.

…it felt good to have moved and connected that completely.

You have a tremendous generosity of spirit. I felt strong and safe in your hands.

My thanks again.”

Brian - Vancouver