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Private Yoga

Private Yoga (naked or clothed) sessions are great for people who:

  • Are new to yoga and are looking for help in understanding postures(asana)
  • Want to develop or fine tune a home practice
  • Are recovering from injury and have specific expectations
  • Are unable to attend scheduled classes due to time restrictions


Or perhaps you have an existing group of friends that you’d like to develop a yoga practice with.

Private yoga is tailored to your experience for that day. Whether beginner or advanced, interested in vigorous or gentle, or if working around injury, classes are customized to address your present physical and emotional state.
If later treatments are scheduled, Skyclad recommends that you start your session with a personalized Yoga practice. This creates an opportunity to arrive, connect to breath, warm up muscles and get blood flowing, greatly increasing the benefits for the treatments that will follow.
The location of the classes can be changed to accommodate participants.

1 hr Class
Private class $100, Small group $150

For more info contact Ron