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Class Description

Our desire is to create Vinyasa Flow yoga classes that allow people with varying yoga experience to come together and practice clothed or Skyclad (nude), building community through physicality, consciousness and awareness in a led solo practice .

We aim to create classes that offer challenges to practitioners regardless of their level of ability. In these “Vinyasa Flow”( merging breath to movement) classes, emphasis is placed on participants working at a level that is suitable for them in that moment. Adaptations are encouraged and offered, both to go deeper as well as to back off and find a more easeful practice. All classes will focus on calming and strengthening the body/mind, bringing awareness to correct alignment, while working with muscular ease. The classes will progress through: body awareness, Pranayama (breath work), Asanas (postures), Savasana (relaxation) and meditation.

Practitioners should bring:

  • a yoga mat
  • water
  • a towel or light blanket

1.5 hours
$20 drop in