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Retreats for Women

Back to the Body

Upcoming retreats 2014:

July 3-7 Metchosin BC
September 21-28 Tuscany Italy
November 13-17 Metchosin BC

Do you want a fuller and more playful experience with your body and sexuality?

Are you curious about how your sexual vitality and energy enriches other aspects of your life?

Are you ready to go deeper in your capacity to experience pleasure?

Come immerse yourself in the sensuality of your body in a guided and supportive environment.

Back to the Body is a unique five-day women’s retreat in Victoria, B.C. Canada offered four-times a year. Each retreat is limited to six women. Facilitated by Pamela Madsen, nationally known sexuality coach and best-selling author (Shameless, 2012). Pamela, with co-founders and certified somatic sex educators Will Fredericks and Ron Stewart, creates an experience that is life changing. There is no other retreat in the world like this for women.

What we experience in Daily Practice:

  • Taoist Sensual Massage sessions with Will Fredericks and Ron Stewart
  • Yoga, dance, guided movement, meditation
  • Spa Services and Sexy ‘Out of The Box’ Surprises
  • Silliness, laughter and play

What We Explore in Workshops and Dialogue:

  • Understanding Female Orgasm
  • How dopamine, opioids and oxytocin affect female sexuality
  • Identifying Your Core Erotic Creature
  • Menstruation, Moon Cycle and Menopause
  • Learning to Speak Your Desire
  • Playing with Power in Your Relationships
  • Understanding Erotic Trance States
  • Scar tissue remediation (for women with painful orgasms or intercourse)
  • Group discussions on body image
  • Understanding boundaries

Connect to your own Divine Goddess in the loving presence of like-minded women.

Back to the Body is hosted on a beautiful forested property in a secluded private studio-residence. It is here that you can release from your daily obligations, fully engage with your present self, and nourish your body, mind and spirit. This retreat welcomes women of all sexual orientations and ages.

Your tuition includes the five-night retreat, lodgings, healthy meals, all services and activities, as well as transportation to and from the retreat centre from airports and ferries in the Victoria area.

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Not sure if this is for you?
Contact Pamela by email at or by phone at 917-703-3785.

“It was a healing, beautiful life-changer. So much laughter and tears, too. Thanks to you three, and the five other courageous women from whom I received so much inspiration, encouragement and love!” —Cathy from Dallas

“What was deeply reinforced for me is the spiritual importance of speaking my desire, and offering myself the opportunity to receive pleasure in a most honoring way. It was self-affirming in that I was stating that “I am worthy to receive this”. The result was a powerful healing-of-shame event in my life.” —Anne from Florida

About Facilitators

A pioneer in fertility and sex advocacy, Pamela Madsen is the Founder of The American Fertility Association. She is a fearless advocate for women’s health and integrated sexuality who leverages her raw honesty and well-informed wit to help strip the stigma from female desire, fertility and body image. She has appeared on media outlets such as Oprah, CNN and 60 Minutes.

For the past 10 years Neal Wecker has been asking questions, practicing, and teaching the skills of ‘bodywork’, intimacy, and human sexuality. Specifically, asking and exploring how the intention, power, and role of intimate bodywork can offer opportunities for soul satisfying transformational personal self growth and healing. As a practicing body based sex coach, his work is to invite and to guide people into their bodies. It is work to help people connect with the fullness of their individual potential. It is work to help people feel more empowered and skilled. It is work to help people feel less limited, more experienced, open and ready live the health and happiness they desire and deserve.

Will Fredericks is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker ( and intimacy coach; trained in somatic sex education through The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (San Francisco). His passion is to explore and unfold the power of embodied sensuality in all of its forms. He is particularly interested in the interplay of power and surrender, and in the exquisitely profound opening which that can create.