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Sensuality, Full Body Touch, Eros and Massage

Ron Stewart is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker who’s time studying with Joseph Kramer (The Body Electric School, New School of Erotic Touch) allowed for a growth in understanding of this work and its importance. If you have questions regarding Ron’s training and background, or the erotic potential in any treatment offered through Skyclad, feel free to contact him personally.

Skyclad’s Massage and Bodywork may offer a wider container of skills than the highly – regulated abilities of a Registered Massage Therapist

All sessions have the potential of incorporating erotic exploration and touch. At the beginning of each private session, guests “check in” discussing any breakthroughs or concerns, and together, we build each session with intention, opening, closing, changing or defining boundaries.

  • The definition and boundaries of each therapy are fluid and client- centered.
  • Each therapy has the potential of working with healthy erotic energy.
  • Skyclad redefines physicality to include, not exclude sensuality.


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Why Sexological Bodywork?

Allowing ourselves to be touched and recognized in our entirety is where healing happens.
The opportunity for restructuring presents itself through somatic experience (body and physical sensations) and our fortunate gift of Neuroplasticity.

(Neuroplasticity is a non-specific neuroscience term referring to the ability of the brain and nervous system in all species to change structurally and functionally as a result of input from the environment. Wikipedia)
When I started Skyclad Yoga in 2005 my desire/ need to be clear that “we are doing yoga it’s not a venue for sex” was in part a response to meet our cultures uptight values around sex. With time, and having shown ourselves that we can gather, Skyclad, stretch, and it not turn into a feeding frenzy.
Within the Sexological Bodywork frame, we can consciously explore the healing that can take place when working with sensual and erotic energies combined with massage, yoga and movement – with our eyes wide open and our bodies strong and full of breath.
Regardless of how we identify ourselves, we live in a culture which does not celebrate sexuality. From puberty, we are discouraged from exploring, at which time very little is discussed regarding sex, how, what, why and health: mental or physical. Many of us stumble along, making it up as we go. Skyclad creates an opportunity to revisit with curiosity our god given right to be erotic playful and loving. I remember it wasn’t until I was 30 when I had an open discussion with a friend about sex (how and what) . We both commented it was the first time either of us had had such a conversation and how liberating it was.
I recognize this in not everyone’s experience, but that it is also the experience that many of us share.
Whether a yoga class or a private session and massage, the environment of Skyclad is of acceptance and celebration of our whole being, sensual and complete. All of us.