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Men’s Skyclad Yoga @ Skyclad Studio
Jun 27 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Ron Stewart, Skyclad Yoga

Classes are suitable for men new to yoga.

Please contact Ron to pre register for classes. Text 250-813-2939 or

Learn, Grow and evolve. Whether self identified as gay or straight men’s only classes offer guys the opportunity to be in community, in an environment where men can be themselves. When men practice being authentically ‘themselves’ within a group, they are more able to be authentic in the outside world. Get in touch with your full physical power. Yoga. Just yoga.

Wednesdays at 7pm

Metchosin studio is our home with more privacy, temperature control, no time constrains. Come early and enjoy the property (above the barn) or hike up the hill to the lookout. Stay for tea after!

Please check here for cancellations: No class cancellations currently

Drop in $20
10 class card $150

I’m Nervous

What about erections?

Most of us were nervous for our first class but the atmosphere we are creating is one of acceptance and non-judgment, it’s surprising how quickly we forget we’re nude. Erections are not an issue and in fact should be celebrated as part of our manhood, although to be honest, you’ll probably be working too hard to get hard but in the event that you experience an erection enjoy the sensation, but breathe and continue with your practice.

For more information about classes
please contact Ron.